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Forthcoming Events

Choosing the right course ...

Information Days for Prospective Students

Choosing the right university course is a crucial decision which needs to be prepared well and in good time. Therefore, Humboldt-Universität invites all those who consider taking up a course here to attend its annual Information Week for Prospective Students. There will be plenty of opportunities to gather information on study courses run at Humboldt. Lectures and seminars will be open to guests, and there will also be the chance to speak to students and members of staff. Registration is not necessary. We are looking forward to your visit. The complete programme is available on www.siw.hu-berlin.de.
Next information days: to be announced

Question Time for Prospective Students

Experts of the Counselling Service will answer your questions concerning studies at Humboldt-Universität. To prepare for it, click at  For Prospective Students and/or For Prospective Students from Abroad.
When? Every Wednesday at 3 pm in the application period for the Winter Semester (June to Mid-July)
Where? University main building, Unter den Linden 6, room 2103; Refer also to Calendar of Events.

... and beeing successful in your studies.

Starting Studies

Experts of the Counselling Service will welcome you and give you general, cross-disciplinary information which is to help you find your way into studies at Humboldt and make your start a success. For preparation we recommend Tips for Beginners.
Furthermore, the International Office will give information on planning study visits abroad. Then, there will be tours of the campuses.
When? Monday, 8 October 2014, 10 a.m., on the Mitte and Adlershof campuses in parallel.
Where? University main building, Unter den Linden 6, Audimax Lecture Theatre and Cinema Hall for the Mitte campus, and Erwin-Schrödinger-Zentrum, Berlin-Adlershof, Rudower Chaussee 26, lecture hall 0'115 for the Adlershof campus.
Teacher training students should attend the session in Cinema Hall of the University main building because at 10.30 the Teacher Training Service Centre starts its specific induction session.

Learning Techniques and Study Skills

In this lecture a wide range of useful techniques and skills will be presented, which are to make learning and studying more successful. Participants will be given advice on time management, motivation, workplace design, memory aids, reading and excerpting.
Lecturer: Dipl.-Psych. Holger Walther; no registration required.
Next lecture: to be announced
For a better orientation during the lecture and for taking personal notes a manuscript on learning techniques and study skills (in German) can be downloaded (in PDF format).

Problems at University?

Motivation problems? - Wrong subject? - Failed an exam? - Am I going to make it? - Disappointed? - How am I going to tell my parents? - Performance deficits? - Running out of money? - Changing the level of studies?
If you have similar thoughts or questions you should come to this informative lecture (with the chance to be given individual counselling afterwards). No registration required.
Next lectures:
to be announced

Beating Exam Nerves by Building Up Self-Confidence

In a group context you will learn how to overcome exam nerves. You will be shown why and how exam nerves and similar phenomena arise and how they can be overcome radically. Besides, you will be acquainted with a number of relaxation techniques. If you prefer to join a group consisting exclusively of women, you will find an offer further below.
Please, contact Herr Walther to register, phone (+49) (0)30 2093-70272, or send an e-mail to psychologische-beratung@hu-berlin.de.
Next course of sessions:
to be announced

Beating the Fear of Speaking at University

Within the protected context of a peer group, where making mistakes in speaking freely are of no importance, you will be given the opportunity to try and practise speaking academically to your peers. Step by step fears will be reduced and confidence based on your own resources built up. Besides, you will be introduced into a variety of relaxation techniques. If you prefer a group consisting of women only, there is a special offer below.
Please, contact Herr Walther to register, phone (+49) (0)30 2093-70272, or send an e-mail to psychologische-beratung@hu-berlin.de.
Next course of sessions:
to be announced

Further Offers

Please, check at the offers made by the Career Center and events organized by the University Team (Hochschulteam) of the Federal Employment Agency (Agentur für Arbeit) and the Psychologisch-psychotherapeutischen Beratungsstelle des Studentenwerks (Psychological and Psycho-Therapeutical Student Service Point).

Please, check also at the Calendar of Events.



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