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Professional School of Education (PSE)

Education and Refugees: Research Meets Practice

International Workshop for Junior Scientists and Teachers

The international workshop for junior scientists and teachers is organized by the Professional School of Education of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. It will take place at the Evangelische Schule Berlin Mitte (Wallstraße 32, 10179 Berlin-Mitte) from December 7–9, 2017.

The workshop addresses chances and challenges of integrating refugees into the educational system. Junior scientists and teachers discuss this important issue together with leading scientists in the field. Keynote lectures as well as discussion panels with teachers aim at strengthening the dialogue between theory and practice.

Junior scientists from different disciplines are invited to present their findings related to four research areas. In addition to that, teachers from all schools are cordially invited to present examples and concepts from practice, and to share their experience on teaching refugee students.


Research areas:

  • Integration of refugees into the educational system
  • Refugee integration in (subject specific) education
  • Language learning and German as a second language
  • Mental health and trauma


Practice session:

  • School and integration


The research sessions (day 1-2) will be held in English, the praxis session (day 3) will be held in German.

Die Sessions mit einem Fokus auf Forschung (Tag 1-2) werden in englischer Sprache stattfinden, die Praxissession (Tag 3) wird auf Deutsch durchgeführt.



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