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INAM: Open Innovation Challenge


Open innovation can be used as a tool to complement organizations' internal R&D at strategic times during the innovation process. The use of external sources can expand the innovation potential of an organization.

Organizations use open innovation to access more diverse sources of ideas and talent. The goal is to find opportunities to solve unmet needs with the help of the right partnerships.

To do this, many companies are now implementing open innovation programs to look for other ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their innovation processes. We at INAM organise and host Open Innovation Challenges on behalf of our members.



Step 1: We launch Open Innovation Challenges related to our corporate members’ current R&D and scout for Startups / Research Groups willing to work on this challenge.

Step 2: The participants apply for the challenge by explaining how their technologies can help solve the proposed brief.

Step 3: The best projects are selected to come and present their proposed solutions.

Step 4: One (or more) proposals are selected for pilot projects / partnerships with our corporate member.


Current challenges