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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Wirtschaft | WTT-Plattform: Förderungen, Kooperationsanfragen und Veranstaltungen | Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) - Open – Novel ideas for radically new technologies: Innovation Launchpad

Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) - Open – Novel ideas for radically new technologies: Innovation Launchpad

Submission Deadlines: 08 October 2019 and 14 October 2020 17:00 Brussels time

Specific Challenge

This topic aims at turning results from FET-funded projects into genuine societal or economic innovations.



Short individual or collaborative actions focused on the non-scientific aspects and the early stages of turning a result of an ongoing or recently finished project funded through FET under FP7 or Horizon 2020[1] into a genuine innovation with socio-economic impacts. The precise link with the relevant FET project and the specific result for which a FET Innovation Launchpad proposal is intended, are to be explicitly described in the proposal.

This topic does not fund research or activities that are/were already foreseen in the original FET project. Activities proposed should reflect the level of maturity of the result to be taken up.

  • They can include the definition of a commercialisation process, market and competitiveness analysis, technology assessment, verification of innovation potential, consolidation of intellectual property rights, business case development.
  • Proposals can include activities with, for instance, partners for technology transfer, licence-takers, investors and other sources of financing, societal organisations or potential end-users.
  • Limited low-risk technology development (for instance for demonstration, testing or minor adjustment to specific requirements) can be supported as long as it has a clear and necessary role in the broader proposed innovation strategy and plan.


Expected Impact

  • Increased value creation from FET projects by picking up innovation opportunities.
  • Improved societal and market acceptance of concrete high-potential innovations from FET projects.
  • Stimulating, supporting and rewarding an open and proactive mind-set towards exploitation beyond the research world.
  • Contributing to the competitiveness of European industry/economy by seeding future growth and the creation of jobs from FET research.


More information on the funded project as well as potential partner collaboartion can be found on the European Commission website.