Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Ziegelstraße 10-13

The university buildings on Ziegelstraße could hardly be more different. Built in 1882 on the site of a former bleaching powder and starch plant, now Ziegelstraße 9/11, the the first university hospital was erected: the Surgical Polyclinic designed by Gropius and Schmieden.

Ziegelstraße 10-13
Figure: Martin Ibold

The main facade of the three-storey red terracotta clinker building features antique reliefs. It now houses various departments and the university’s Technical Division.

From 1874 to 1940, Ziegelstraße 12 was home to the Luisenschule, founded in 1838 at Oranienburger Straße 69 as Berlin’s first municipal secondary school for girls. Past pupils of the school include poet Paula Dehmel and social activist Hannah Karminski. This complex of buildings contains Research Administration and Academic Affairs, as well as the Programme Development Office.

The prefabricated buildings at Ziegelstraße 13, on the other hand, offer old East German charm with views of the Spree and the Bode Museum. The Office for Research Funding, Patents, Publications, the Teacher Training Service Centre, the Career Center, parts of the personnel department, and the university’s Guest House are all located inside.



Ziegelstraße 10 – 13
10117 Berlin