Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Philippstraße 12, building 3

Animal Anatomy Theatre

The oldest building on Campus Nord is the Animal Anatomy Theatre, completed in 1790 according to a design by Carl Gotthard Langhans (the architect behind Brandenburg Gate).

This former Veterinary College is commonly known as the ‘Trichinae Temple’, as the late 19th century saw the start of research into pork trichinae here. The building’s lecture hall is designed to resemble an amphitheatre: the rows of seats climb steeply upwards within the dome, and a retractable dissecting table is in the middle.


Tieranatomisches Theater
Figure: Martin Ibold

Connected to the Animal Anatomy Theatre by a bridge, the Gerlach building was constructed in 1874 and the ‘Schlachthalle’ in 1935/36 to create space for scientific collections and a post-mortem hall. Both buildings picked up Langhans’ key design elements and have also been restored. The Hermann von Helmholtz Centre for Cultural Techniques uses the ensemble of buildings as an exhibition and event venue.



Philippstraße 12, Haus 3
10115 Berlin