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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Postdoctorates | Postdoktorates at the HU

Junior Professorships and Further Professorial Appointments for Young Scholars and Scientists

Junior professorships give young scholars and scientists the possibility to teach and conduct research independently at a very early point of their academic career. Humboldt-Universität was the first German higher education institution to set up these academic positions in 2002, thus providing a new instrument for promoting highly qualified young academics. And presently it has a leading position in terms of junior professors working in teaching and research. Humboldt-Universität has also been very successful in attracting Heisenberg Professorships of the DFG and Lichtenberg Professorships of the Volkswagen Foundation, which are highly competitive on a national scale.

Junior Professorships

Heisenberg Professorships

Heisenberg Professors at Humboldt-Universität:

Heisenberg Professorship Speciality Institution
Abdel Rahman, Rasha Neuralcognitive Psychology Department of Psychology

Lichtenberg Professorships

Lichtenberg Professors at Humboldt-Universität:

Lichtenberg Professorship Speciality Institution
Plefka, Jan Quantenfeldtheorie jenseits des Standardmodells und Stringtheorie Department of Physics

Former Heisenberg- and Lichtenberg Professorships