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Current information regarding Coronavirus



Questions and Answers

Update: April 23,2020
The content is updated regularly.




On this website Humboldt-Universität informs about the current developments of the coronavirus (Corona Virus SARS-CoV-2) outbreak as well as the effects on the teaching, study and work routine at the university.



April 23, 2020

President on further essential-only mode

The first days of the digital summer semester are over. It was a successful start, which is something to be proud of and worthy of the Humboldt-Universität. In total, we can offer almost 5,000 courses digitally this semester, thus ensuring the continuous communication of essential study contents. The digital formats that have been created under enormous time pressure in recent weeks will enrich our daily study routine sustainably and in the long term. I am certain of that. Once again, I would like to thank all of our teachers and staff in technology, service and administration who have made this possible, as well as all students for their patience, understanding and cooperation during the first week of the semester.

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April 20, 2020

Current IT status at the start of the semester

The IT systems at Humboldt-Universität are stable and can cope with the digital start of the semester. Today, more than 200 conferences with up to 200 participants took place via Zoom. The Moodle learning platform is also running normally. This morning there was a server malfunction at short notice, which has since been fixed.

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April 17, 2020

President on continued essential-only mode

On Monday, lectures for the Berlin Summer Semester 2020 will begin at Humboldt-Universität, as well as at the other Berlin universities. This start has been made possible by the dedicated commitment of all Humboldtians - whether in their home office or on site. With the start of the lecture period, new and different challenges await us. The preparations and planning of the last few weeks must prove their worth in everyday life.

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Pandemic preparedness

On this website Humboldt-Universität informs about the current developments of the coronavirus (Corona Virus SARS-CoV-2) outbreak as well as the effects on the teaching, study and work routine at the university.

The Task Force for Pandemic Prevention chaired by the university’s leadership is supported by  an interdisciplinary group for pandemic prevention in accordance with the operational pandemic contingency plan. The Task Force for Pandemic Prevention decides when to declare certain pandemic stages as well as related measures as dictated by the pandemic contingency plan and when to cancel these if necessary. In addition the university’s leadership is in close contact with the other Berlin universities and the crisis management team of the Charité.



Questions and Answers

Update: March 16, 2020
The content is updated regularly.


What are the symptoms?

Like other pathogens of respiratory diseases, an infection with the coronavirus can lead to symptoms such as cough, sore or scratchy throat and fever. Some suffer also from diarrhoea. The risk of a severe course with acute respiratory problems and pneumonia is particularly high for people with a weakened immune system.

Persons who have had close contact with a person in whom the novel virus has been detected in the laboratory, or who have been in a risk area, should avoid contact with other people and contact the responsible health authority immediately.


How can I protect myself from infection?

Employees and students should contribute to protecting themselves and others from infectious diseases such as coronavirus by consciously applying simple hygiene measures in everyday life. In the non-medical sector, the following applies: Thorough hand washing with normal soap practically completely inactivates corona viruses. The provision of hand disinfectant at the HU is therefore not a priority.

In principle, the same recommendations apply as for protection against a viral flu. These include in particular the observance of hygiene rules such as regular, thorough hand washing, not shaking hands or hugging, avoiding coughing or sneezing. Rooms should always be well ventilated and handkerchiefs should be disposed of in the rubbish immediately after use. Keeping an appropriate distance of about one to two metres from people with respiratory diseases also protects against transmission of the novel corona virus.


Where can I get further, up-to-date information about the coronavirus?


The Robert Koch-Institut and the Foreign Office have listed on their websites all current risk areas and have summarized the important security measures:

The Senate Department for Health, Care and Gender Equality has a hotline to advise residents and guests of Berlin:

+49 30 9028 2828
Daily from 8am to 8pm

Public Insurance Emergency Services can be reached at the following number:

+ 49 116 117
Daily from 8am to 12pm

The Federal Ministry of Health’s hotline for the coronavirus:

+49 30 346 465 100
Monday through Thursday from 8am to 6pm, Friday from 8am to 12am

The Berlin Senate Health Department recommends an evaluation if:

  • You have been in a risk area in the past 14 days,
  • You have had contact with a person in a risk area,
  • Or you have had contact with an infected person.