Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Joint professorships

Joint professorships (also known as special professorships) establish a firm link between university and non-university research facilities and play a very important role in the constant exchange of knowledge. Special professors are appointed to full professorships by Humboldt Universität. However, these individuals also fulfil a leadership role in a non-university research facility. These research facilities are linked to Humboldt Universität by means of cooperation agreements. Special professors at Humboldt Universität generally have a reduced teaching load because of their duties at the non-university research facility.

Humboldt Universität also appoints special junior professors. These outstanding young researchers mainly lead their own junior research group at a non-university research facility.

The Centre of Expertise for Cooperation in Academic Research provides planning support to any individuals or institutions interested in setting up a collaboration. It also helps external institutions that are planning to work with Humboldt Universität.