Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Research Focuses

Since its foundation, Humboldt-Universität has been a “universitas litterarum” embracing all major scientific disciplines in the humanities and arts, social and cultural sciences, mathematics and natural sciences, medicine and agricultural sciences. The profile of Humboldt research is reflected in Clusters of Excellence, 5 DFG Collaborative Research Centers and in 7 Research Training Groups in which Humboldt-Universität has the coordinating function. Humboldt-Universität also plays a significant role in MATHEON, a part of the Cluster of Excellence MATH+.

Being aware of the growing need for interdisciplinary research, Humboldt began to set up ad hoc Integrative Research Institutes and Interdisciplinary Centres across faculty boundaries, some of which include Collaborative Research Centres.

Research Focuses

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