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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Yousef Jameel Scholarships 2013


Name PhD-Projects Faculty
  Beginn of Scholarship

Ms Zarah Ghalamkari Improving the Nutritunal Quality of Food and Feed by Manipulation of Iron Storage in Plants Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences    
Ms Dalia Abdel-Fattah  Gaber Mahmoud Mycorrhiza-included resistance against the tomato pathogen Pythium aphanidermatum Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences    
Ms Jobadatun Naher
Role of peptides during ontogenetic development in fruit crops bud Agriculture and Horticulture Faculty    
Mr Misginaw Tamirat
Inter-linkage of Marketization and Rangeland Management: An Institutional Analysis of Pastoralists' Adaption to Climate Change in Ethiopia Agriculture and Horticulture Faculty