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How to get to Campus Adlershof

The Adlershof Campus is located just outside the city center in the southeast of Berlin, south of the same-named district Adlershof. The individual buildings are situated close to Rudower Chaussee.


Selecting your means of travel

As central point of destination we recommend the "Erwin-Schrödinger-Zentrum" at

Rudower Chaussee 26
12489 Berlin

If you want to get to another building, please use the given address. An overview of the Adlershof Campus can be found on this campus map (PDF).


By car

Travel by car

Outline map, route planner and current advices

Travel by car to Campus Adlershof


By train

Travel by train

Timetable information and train connections (Deutsche Bahn)

Travel by train to Campus Adlershof



By public transport

Travel by public transport

Current connections of Berlin's public transport

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Travel by bike

A special route planner for Berlin's bike paths

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Outline map of the Adlershof Campus

Map Adlershof
Fig.: Computer- und Medienservice