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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Information regarding medical certificates

The German version of the text shall always prevail. August 2016

Not applicable to hardship applications, see also the hardship applications information

In order to make a claim for reasonable adjustments to an assignment or examination, you are required to produce a medical certificate from a specialist. This certificate must be no more than six months old. For chronic medical conditions, the certificate may, in exceptional cases, be up to one year old. The certificate must be understandable to laymen and must also contain comprehensible and relevant statements from a specialist. Medical certificates from general practitioners are, as a rule, not sufficient. A medical report is not required. It is advisable to go to a doctor who has been treating you for a while.

Obligatory details

  • Letterhead, doctor’s stamp, name of doctor, date, signature
  • Name and address of patient
  • What disability/illness does the patient suffer from? Since when?
  • ICD10 classification
  • How severe is the disability/illness?
  • Is the disability/illness and/or health-related limitation likely to persist or is it likely that the patient’s symptoms/health will change?
  • What is the extent and what are the results of the patient’s health-related limitations on his/her ability to study or sit exams? The frequency (hours/days/weeks) of an inability to study or sit exams must be stated.
  • What specific, health-related limitations relevant to the patient’s studies and examinations come as a result of his/her disability/illness? These must be specified, e.g. pains, difficulty with writing, concentration issues etc.

Optional details

  • Can a statement be made as to which adjustments (e.g. adjustment of compulsory attendance, extended exam time, breaks etc.) would be appropriate, from a medical point of view?
  • Since when has the doctor been treating the patient?
  • Is hospitalisation or surgery foreseeable?
  • Did/does the patient’s illness result in a persistently or even periodically limited ability to study or sit exams? If yes, when and for how long?
  • Has the doctor been released from doctor-patient confidentiality? Is he/she able to answer questions?