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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Application for HU4 Refugees

The application period has expired. Applications outside the period can not be accepted.

Thank you for your interest in our programme HU4Refugees. As participant of the programme you can make examinations. You will not be enrolled. To participate you need knowledge of German on level GER B 1 at least and must be a refugee (see below).

Step by step to your application

  1. In the following form please enter your contact information.
  2. upload all the necessary documents (scan or photo), max. 3 MB each document.
  3. send the application form

We only can accept one application per participant, and only if the application is complete.

Your data
Enter the word

We will check whether the entry requirements are sufficient and will inform you. If your application has been successful, you can pick up to five lectures from the course catalogue.

To find support selecting the courses, please get in touch with the student initiatives of our Welcome programme: Voluntary initiatives for refugees at HU

Please note that we can only provide a certificate of attendence once you have chosen your courses. An application does not indicate a claim to participate.

We only can work with applications that are complete and that reach us in the application period.  This side is encoded as well as the transmission will be and your data will only be used within HU; our answer by email won't be encoded.