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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

University Calendar

A university calendar (Vorlesungsverzeichnis) will be published before the beginning of a semester on the internet at https://agnes.hu-berlin.de. It also offers general information on deadlines, special events, funding schemes and, of course, on all lectures and classes. Besides, a university guide, the addresses of faculties, departments and institutes, details of course counselling services, a register of the university staff and many other relevant details can be found in the catalogue.

Note: There are even more detailed annotated university calendar of the faculties, departments and institutes, which can be found on the internet by clicking on the symbol in front of the name of the institution concerned. The details include information on the content, requirements and aims of the lectures and classes offered. They seem to be of particular significance for prospective students of Humboldt-Universität and are, therefore, strongly recommended.

For comments or questions, please contact studienberatung@uv.hu-berlin.de.