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Doctoral Students

Doctoral Candidates' Portal

Humboldt-Universität has proved to be a particularly attractive place for doctoral students.

Every year hundreds of top achievers on Master’s courses at German and international universities decide to take up doctoral studies at Humboldt, either within a structured doctoral programme or individually under the supervision of a professor.

Vor der Promotion Betreuung & Beratung Strukturiert Promovieren
Access to Doctoral Studies Requirements, Admission, Enrolment  etc.
Supervision & Counselling
Finding a Supervisor, Doctoral Students Guide, Counselling etc.
Graduate Schools
Humboldt Graduate School, Doctoral Programmes etc.
Finanzierung Promovieren International Weiterbildung
Funding of Doctoral Studies Scholarships, Elsa-Neumann-Scholarship, Loans etc.
International Aspects
International Students, Doctoral Studies Abroad etc.
Continuing Education
Training Courses, Foreign Language Learning, Information Meetings etc.
Frauen- & Familienförderung
Netzwerke Nach der Promotion
Women's Advancement & Family Support
Doctoral Studies and Childcare, Counselling etc.
Doctoral Students' Networks, Newsletter, Links etc
Finish & Follow-Up
Specific Scholarships, Thesis Publication, Prizes etc.




Picture-Credits: Dr. Martin Buskühl, Deutsche Bundesbank, NASA, istockphoto.com, Pressestelle der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences