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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Doctoral examination process

Information on the doctoral examination process

Excerpts from section 59 of the General Study and Examination Regulations of Humboldt-Universität (ZSP-HU)

Section 59 (1) ZSP-HU
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin offers doctoral degrees. Doctoral degrees may be obtained in the course of an employment relationship at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in particular, as part of a structured doctoral programme or as part of a Research Training Group or research-based doctoral study. To study for a doctoral degree, students must satisfy the admission criteria for doctoral degrees or an equivalent ruling by the relevant body. You will find detailed information in the regulations for the award of a doctoral degree.

Section 59 (3) ZSP-HU
The deadline for submitting an application under paragraph 2 is one month after notification of admission to doctoral studies or the corresponding ruling or, in the case of paragraph (2) (8), one month after the end of the employment relationship. If the deadline is missed, the admission to doctoral studies is cancelled. Applicants are enrolled or registered on the date of the admission to the doctoral degree; in contrast to section 43 (4) (2), the enrolment or registration takes effect at the start of the month following the submission of the application. If, in exceptional circumstances, the prior special admission to doctoral studies is not further specified and is not issued prior to the commencement of the doctoral examination process, the commencement of the doctoral examination process takes the place of the admission to doctoral studies; this does not affect section 60.

Documents required for enrolment

Doctoral candidates are enrolled independently of the regular deadlines and are requested to enrol as follows:

  • Application for enrolment [PDF];
  • Copy (certified) of the most recent university degree (if you have achieved this degree at the HU Berlin, please forward a uncertified copy of your "Zeugnis");
  • Copy (uncertified) of general university admission criteria (e.g. German Abitur);
  • Copy (uncertified) of other university degrees;
  • Proof of health insurance or exemption from obligation to hold health insurance, issued by a statutory health insurance (form "Meldung für die Hochschule"; presentation or a copy of the "Elektronische Gesundheitskarte" (or european equivalent) is not sufficient; you will find further information regarding the health insurance on the following website: Information on health insurance for students;
  • A proof of payment of the semester fee. Main information about the semester fee for the current semester can be found with the following link Semesterbeitraege und -gebuehren. Detailed information regarding your payment (bank account information, amount of the semester fee for your enrolment) are given in the application form for enrolment;
  • Copy (uncertified) of the withdrawal certificate ("Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung") from the last university attended in Germany;
  • Copy (uncertified) of admission from the dean or Doctoral Degrees Committee

Extension of the standard completion period for doctoral degrees

Section 59 (4) ZSP-HU
Candidates are enrolled or registered for the limited period of the standard completion period subject to their being admitted to doctoral studies; this can be extended as required in line with the certification under sentence 3. If the admission to the doctoral studies is subject to the condition to complete further study components or exams, the enrolment or registration will also entitle the candidate to complete the study components and exams in addition to the offer of a place on a doctoral programme at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in the teaching sessions and modules named in the admission to the doctoral studies or in the underlying supervision agreement. These study components and exams shall be governed by the provisions of these regulations in connection with the respective subject-specific course and examination regulations of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Candidates who exceed the standard completion period of three years for the doctoral thesis must submit a certification for an extension of the standard completion period to the authority responsible for enrolment and registration; the length of the extension must also be specified in the certification. If a completion period that differs from that in sentence 3 is agreed in the corresponding regulations on doctoral degrees, this shall apply instead of the completion period set out at sentence 3. If the certification is not submitted within the applicable re-registration period and the candidate is at fault for not meeting the deadline, the admission to the doctoral studies and the enrolment or registration will lapse. The applicable re-registration period is that for the semester following the semester in which the completion period ends.

Form for applying to extend the standard completion period [PDF]



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