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Humboldt Perspectives Study Abroad

Start of the new international short-term program
Studierende sitzen auf der Wiese

Students on the lawn in the courtyard of HU. Photo: Max Fortmüller

The Humboldt International Campus has launched a new study program for international Bachelor students of all academic fields: Humboldt Perspectives Study Abroad. It offers the opportunity to come to HU for three months (Sept.-Dec. / Febr.-May). The course program, specifically designed for international students, is now online, and registration is open.

The courses are focused on current topics from urban development, ecology, migration, law, literature, history, and philosophy. They provide a view of Berlin, Germany, and Europe from different perspectives. Thereby students develop their own global perspectives. Part of the program is an accompanying intercultural training to reflect on the stay abroad experience and acquire additional intercultural skills. The language of instruction is English and German courses are part of the course portfolio. The program is fee-based.

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