Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

From Campus to Campus

The institutes of Humboldt-Universität are grouped into three main campuses.

Today, the former Palais of Prince Heinrich on the avenue Unter den Linden, is the representative seat of the university As an integral part of Berlin's marvelous city centre, it draws many visitors every year. The institutes of the Humboldt-Universität are grouped into three main campuses.

Campus Mitte – rich in tradition – is home to the Arts and Humanities, Law, Economics and Business Studies as well as Theology. On the picturesque Campus Nord, the Life Sciences are concentrated. Mathematics and the Natural Sciences are located on the modern, high-tech Campus Adlershof.

The face of Campus Nord is still being developed, as several institutions and facilities will be constructed or relocated here to be in the immediate vicinity of the medical school Charité. Once this process is complete, Campus Nord will be associated simultaneously with modern, cutting-edge scientific institutions, such as the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, and with noteworthy artefacts of Berlin's architectural history, designed by prominent architects such as Carl Gotthard Langhans.

The Erwin-Schrödinger-
Zentrum is the university’s communication and congress centre on the Campus Adlershof.

While historical buildings are being refurbished on Campus Nord, modern and functional buildings were recently constructed on the Mathematics and Natural Science Campus Adlershof. Nonetheless, the area is rich in scientific history: in 1909, the first German motor-propelled aircraft took off from an airstrip in Adlershof. In GDR times, the physical and chemical research institutions of the Academy of Sciences were located in Adlershof. Today it is the venue of one of the largest technology parks in Europe and forms an important part of the "city for research, economics and the media", where academics of Humboldt-Universität conduct their research in active exchange with twelve non-university research institutions and over 400 technology-oriented enterprises.