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Innovation Lab - Developing innovations for the digital transformation of companies

The Innovation Lab is aimed at Master's students, particularly from the fields of computer science, economics, physics and chemistry, as well as all Master's students with an increased interest in developing practical innovation skills. Students receive 5 ECTS ungraded as part of ÜWP.

The Innovation Labs alternate between focusing on the design of digital transformation and the use of new materials. Three Berlin-based industrial companies each contribute a use case to a lab that deals with relevant fields of development such as cloud logistics, AI-supported processes or cyber security issues. On the topic of advanced materials, students in a project group develop user-centered solutions that are relevant to the ecological transformation of industry and enable the use of new, more efficient and / or more sustainable materials in production.

Students are guided through the iterative process and thus take on an active project-based learning role in order to gain professional experience in a real application case from industry. They also acquire higher-level skills such as self-organization, problem solving, teamwork, entrepreneurial thinking and innovation, so-called future skills. In this course, students also build up a valuable toolbox of methods that can be used in the future.


> Link to the current Innovation Lab module at the Career Center of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.