Are you studying for a Master's degree and looking for ideas how to use your theoretical knowledge productively? In our Humboldts Wagniswerkstätten, you will learn about a variety of methods for independently developing ideas and projects and introducing innovations to society.


How to create innovation out of knowledge

Do you want to use your knowledge creatively, develop your own projects, give ideas structure or offer solutions for important social questions? In our Humboldts Wagniswerkstätten you will learn about methods and thinking strategies learning-by-doing.

Orientation and know-how for many contexts:


  • Own projects & start-ups
  • Working in Startups
  • Intrapreneurial thinking in companies and NGOs
  • Project design in the scientific career

Key qualifications for tomorrow's world of work

The ability to innovate, to come up with ideas and to solve problems play an increasingly important role in everyday professional life. Whether for the further development of a company, the development of new concepts or the solution of complex social challenges - the new world of work needs minds that are able to combine, to think outside the box and see themselves as designers.


Module Roadmap:


NOTICE: The Humboldts Wagniswerkstätten Course will be held in german. One of our Transfer Labs is in english.


Humboldts Wagniswerkstätten

The four-day innovation training course teaches the basics of the topics in learning by doing on the basis of a practical case:


  • What are innovations and how can they be developed sustainably?
  • How do good ideas and creative solutions emerge?
  • What does it take to develop and implement business ideas?
  • How can I personally use insights from entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship?


Module task
After the venture workshop you work on a written task (max. 3 pages) in which you apply a learned method.


Transfer Lab

Meet a Berlin-based company and learn how to solve problems creatively from the practical case. In the innovation workshop your ideas are in demand to develop new impulses for a real question from practice. You take part:

  • Methods for idea generation and innovation development
  • Interdisciplinary teamwork together with the questioner
  • Solution-oriented approaches that apply ideas
  • and can be applied to many of your own contexts: Research results, projects, start-ups