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Humboldt University Association

Humboldt University Association of Alumni, Friends & Sponsors

The Association and Society supports and promotes the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin with ideas and financial aid in relation to the ongoing research in science and teaching at the University. The Society, founded in 1996 sees itself as a mediator between the University and the wider public in general.

Foundation Humboldt University

The Foundation Humboldt University has been founded in autumn 2007 by Prof. Dr. Michael Hoffmann-Becking, Dr. Jens Odewald, Dr. Christian Olearius und Dr. Hannes Rehm.

Sustainable development of the Humboldt University is the Foundation's aim and purpose, especially in the following areas:

  • excellent research,
  • excellent teaching and promotion of young researchers,
  • cultural and architectural heritage's preservation and
  • curating of the Bicentenary 2010.

Believing in Humboldt University's developement, the Foundation wishes to support the University in its efforts to be at the forefront in research and teaching.


The Humboldt University wishes to stay in contact with its Alumni and to involve them in University's life. To enhance the connection between University and Alumni we created an online communication platform. Here, Alumni and Students can get connected, stay in touch and find new friends just as get the latest information about their Alma mater. Many services are offered here, too.