Funding for Postdocs - Support and Services at the HU Research Service Centre

About Us

The Research Service Centre provides comprehensive support to researchers at the Humboldt-Universität in all matters of research. The support ranges from the search of suitable fundings and advice on funding proposals, through the administration of acquired third-party funds, to advice on individual "third-party funding careers" or "funding strategies" for researchers and the possibilities of transferring knowledge to the economy and society.

Within this framework, we have formed a team at the Research Service Centre for the support of postdoctoral researchers, which, based on its experience and daily business, has all the skills needed to offer a "state-of-the-art consultation" for scientists prior to professorship.

All team members have already provided early-career support at nationally and internationally renowned universities in the past or cover specific knowledge relating to third-party funding for postdocs.

Depending on your request, the right person at the Research Service Centre will receive your enquiry via the central contact address and get in touch with you.

For all matters concerning the funding of postdocs, please use the following e-mail address: