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Sister Reformations - The Reformation in Germany and in England

Symposium at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin from September 23 until September 26, 2009

Marking the 450th anniversary of the Elizabethan Settlement – a settlement which is often considered to constitute the end of the English Reformation as well as the beginning of the English Church  – the symposium seeks to highlight the reciprocal relationship between the history of the Reformation in Germany and England.

As the first academic conference of this kind, scholars from Great Britain, Ireland, the United States and Germany will examine the events in the Holy Roman Empire and England side-by-side with an eye to their interdependence.

Aspects of this theme that will be considered include the ways in which knowledge of and influence from the Reformation in the Empire reached England, the theological and liturgical contributions, the political dimension of Reformation exchanges and the manner in which the Reformation was consolidated on the one side by the Peace of Augsburg and on the other by the Elizabethan Settlement. The symposium will conclude with a look at the current relationship between German Protestantism and the Church of England.

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