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MEMS - Master's Program in Economics and Management Science

Application possible until 31 March, 2010

The Master's Program in Economics and Management Science is designed to give students the knowledge, skills and methods necessary for a critical and successful future involvement in the worlds of Economics and of Business. In particular, the international orientation should give students the understanding necessary for engagement on an international level.

This Program, offered by The School of Business and Economics, draws on numerous international contacts and on the knowledge and experience of the distinguished German and foreign academics constituting the School's teaching staff. The primary emphasis of the Program is on imparting rigorous and quantitative methods of economic analysis, which are applied to Advanced Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Industrial Organization, Public Economics and Macroeconomics, International Finance Markets, International Business Management and Marketing as well as the study of Quantitative Methods in their own right.

For intake 2010, applicants have the opportunity to submit their application online or in paper form. Go to to find out more about apllication procedures.