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How do we address child poverty?

Carlo Morelli lectures on the case of universal and targeted benefits within the UK

The economist Carlo Morelli addresses the problems arising from welfare cuts at a time when child poverty continues to remain at historically high levels. The lecture demonstrates the importance of adopting a universal approach to welfare provision and the failure of targeting through means-testing. It shows why only universality in provision can target welfare to many of the poorest households within the UK. Universal provision for welfare and progressive taxation provide the foundation of an equal society. The government‘s failure to focus on progressivity in taxation will result in a rise in child poverty rates and inequality.

Carlo Morelli: 'How do we address child poverty?
The case of universal and targeted benefits within the UK'

Monday, 12 July, 18:00
Centre for British Studies
Mohrenstraße 60, Berlin-Mitte, Room 105

Carlo Morelli is Senior Lecturer in economics at Dundee University, Scotland. His areas of expertise include the evaluation of government policy related to child poverty and inequality. He has acted as an expert advisor to the Scottish Government and the Equalities & Human Rights Commission.


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