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Interacting Minds: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Social Cognition

A One-Day Symposium at The Center for Integrative Life Sciences on 19 November 2010

During the last two decades many researchers in the humanities and natural sciences have begun to focus on understanding the cognitive processes involved when multiple individuals coordinate and interact with each other. This newfound focus is due to the acknowledgement that a central driving force in the evolution of the human mind has been its embedding in the social context. Many cognitive processes such as learning, attention, communication, motor coordination, and decision-making can be considered issues of the social domain because they often involve more than one individual.

One-Day Symposium: Interacting Minds
9 November 2010
Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience
Philippstr. 13, 10115 Berlin
House 6, Lecture Hall 102

With this in mind, The Center for Integrative Life Sciences (CILS) brings together speakers from both the humanities and natural sciences to address topics of social cognition at any level of complexity - from the activity of single cells and neurons to the behavior of individuals, groups and populations.

The Center for Integrative Life Sciences has recently been established at Humboldt-University Berlin to bring together researchers from different disciplines to collaborate on solving problems in social cognition, decision-making, and human interaction.

The number of participants is limited; so please contact for registration.

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Dr. Anna Strasser
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Berlin School of Mind and Brain / CILS
10099 Berlin