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Between Lecture Hall and Project Work

HU-Students finalists in Competition of GIZ

Denise Wachholz and Simone Markoff, students of the Masters course "Integrated Natural Ressource Management" at the HU Institute for Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences will be among the twelve finalists of the Competition "Between Leture Hall and Project Work" organised by the GIZ (the German National Agency for international Cooperation and Development) in Berlin on July 10th.

Insights into practical experiences, interesting research questions, innovative ideas: The GIZ initiative "Between Lecture Hall and Project Work" allows German and international students at numerous universities in Germany to deal with issues and projects of international cooperation for sustainable development. The initiative aims at the interface between science and practice and offers a framework for dialogue between academic and applied knowledge.

Students are invited to get to know the contents and methodology of a GIZ project of their choice in more detail. While working on the project, they chose a research question which is selected and formulated in a way that assures working on the question gives the students a good insight into the project work, but at the same time ensures that conclusions and results generated are interesting and relevant for the GIZ project in the field.

The project of Denise and Simone combined the module "Practices and Organization in Organig Farming" taught by Dr. Heide Hoffmann and Jürn Sanders and a "real" project from GIZ . The GIZ-project is called ,,Adaptation of Agro-Ecosystems to Climate Change in Ghana”. They analysed the project details and measures to then find a way to maybe even better adapt to climate change and maybe include our idea into the project in Ghana. Their solution was organic farming measures, their headline at the poster competition will be "Organic Faming in Ghana - A Solution to Adapt to Climate Change".

For further information, see the website of the competition


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