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Collaborative Research in the Social Sciences: Call for proposals

The research collaboration commits to address challenges and opportunities in the social science

Funding from the University of Michigan (UM) and four German Institutions will be available for collaborative research projects between co-investigators from the four German institutions and from UM. The objective of the Seed Phase is to identify topics for joint research projects in the fields of social science in two areas: 1. Technology - health interface across the life span; and 2. Mobility/ Transportation and health across the lifespan, providing a basis for joint proposals seeking external support. Successful Seed Project proposals, therefore, must have a strong potential for significant follow-on external funding. This announcement represents the first call for proposals during the initial phase of our research collaboration.

Collaborative Research Program

With this research collaboration both The University of Michigan and the four German Institutions HU, DZA, MPIB, DIW have made a commitment to address challenges and opportunities in the social sciences. Several small research endeavors as well as student exchanges have occurred in the past, as have joint academies and conferences held both in Ann Arbor and Berlin.  We believe these exchanges have set the stage for collaborative research where social scientists (and potential others) gain an international perspective by working together in confronting global challenges we are confronting in the future especially changing demographics and the changing age structure of our society.  The result will be a radically changed society with numerous pressing issues to resolve.  While there are many possible areas on which to focus the two noted above have garnered much interest and have a unique potential to benefit from social science input.  In addition, we believe they are especially likely to benefit from an interdisciplinary approach. We hope to see successful new faculty collaborations leading to new joint research programs.

The submission deadline is May 15, 2016.

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