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Research in Princeton, Singapore or São Paulo

Students, researchers and administrative staff can benefit from networks with outstanding universities all over the world

Princeton University
The Princeton University is an important strategic partner.
Figure: Uwe Eigner

International networks and global perspectives have now become an essential requirement for successful research and teaching. The profile partners of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) are active partners in this field. What may sound abstract is in fact simple: the main aim of the HU is to develop a unique profile in close dialogue with its strategic international partners, in which all members of the institution can participate.

Based on the diverse international relationships maintained by the HU, the executive department for internationalisation has therefore been building a range of strategic partnerships with outstanding universities all over the world since 2012. Princeton University, the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Universidade de São Paulo (USP) rank among the leading academic institutions in their respective regions, and offer HU members access to excellent regional networks, contacts and information.

Longstanding cooperation in research and teaching

As well as its bilateral Profile Partnerships, the HU has also further expanded its longstanding cooperation in research and teaching by entering into multilateral agreements with Central European countries. The Central European Network for Teaching and Research in Academic Liaison (CENTRAL), which is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), includes the University of Warsaw, the ELTE Budapest, the University of Vienna and the Charles University in Prague, alongside the HU.

One important element of the Profile Partnerships are annual tenders for bilateral research and teaching projects. The funding for the best projects, which are selected by joint interdisciplinary committees, is borne to an equal degree by both partner universities, and flows directly into research and teaching. To date, 36 research projects have been selected as a result of a competitive process, with around 200 academics and students participating from almost all faculties of the HU. The current tenders with Princeton, NUS and USP have been open since the beginning of December of this year. Anyone conducting research at the HU is welcome to apply.

Students benefit from the excellent network

Intensive exchange and networking also takes place and is encouraged at the governance and administration level, in order to strengthen the networks further and to learn from each other. In April of this year, a delegation from the HU administration visited their counterparts in Princeton, and in September, there was also an intensive exchange at the NUS. The collaboration based on trust within the framework of the Profile Partnerships created a particularly open and fruitful atmosphere for discussion.

Students also benefit from the excellent network. This year, for example, five outstanding HU graduates were able to participate in the “Simpósio Internacional de Iniciação Científica e Tecnológica da USP – SIICUSP” in São Paulo. Together with the USP, the HU is using this form of support for the next generation, which has been successfully implemented in Brazil for 24 years, to expand the field of “research-based learning”. Up to ten student exchange places are also available every year. The first international German-Brazilian post graduate programme, IRTG1740 “Dynamic phenomena in complex networks” already entered its second funding period this year.

The concept of strategic partnerships is bearing tangible fruit. The Profile Partnership with the NUS has recently been renewed for the further expansion of cooperation. The extension of the contract with Princeton is planned for March 2017.

Princeton Fung Global Forum 2017

The HU profile partner Princeton University will hold its Princeton-Fung Global Forum 2017 in Berlin. On 20 and 21 March 2017, international experts from science, politics and the social arena will discuss the subject “Society 3.0+: Can Liberty Survive the Digital Age?”.

Three Humboldt professors will sit on the panel of this prestigious event: Prof. Dr. Claudia Bruns from the Faculty of Arts, Prof. Dr. Martin Eifert from the Faculty of Law and Prof. Dr. Björn Scheuermann from the Department of Computer Science. They will discuss their perspectives on the legal framework conditions of the World Wide Web, digital surveillance and the Internet of Things

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