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Russian students' open letter against the war in Ukraine

Russian students express their support for Ukrainians and their solidarity with Russians demonstrating in Russia.

Russian students at German universities and colleges have written an open letter to the German government and society. In the letter, they express their support for the Ukrainians: "You are facing a catastrophe that seemed unthinkable to all of us in the 21st century. There can be no justification for this war". They also express solidarity with Russians who are risking their lives and freedom by joining anti-war demonstrations in Russian streets and squares.

The position of the Russian students in the open letter:

  • We condemn the Russian Federation's attack on independent Ukraine.
  • We advocate an open, peaceful dialogue between the sides and a diplomatic solution to the conflict.
  • Currently, the government of the Russian Federation is acting against the interests of Russian society and these acts are contrary to our values and beliefs.
  • We share European cultural values and views and are convinced of the correctness of the course we are pursuing towards general intergovernmental development, namely the promotion of peace, cooperation and diplomatic relations.

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