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DFG funds new Research Training Group „Rethinking Quantum Field Theory“

At HU newly established Research Training Group "Rethinking Quantum Field Theory" will be funded for four and a half years.

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The Research Training Group (RTG) "Rethinking Quantum Field Theory" is based in the Physics Department and the IRIS Adlershof of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU). From April 2020, it will be funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) for four and a half years with about 4 Million Euro. The RTG will address urgent theoretical questions and significant innovations in quantum field theory (QFT) that go beyond established methods Quantum field theory (QFT), the unification of quantum mechanics and special relativity, represents a major intellectual achievement of the past century.

The RTG is headed by 12 principal investigators including senior and junior research group leaders, encompassing all groups working in theoretical high energy physics Humboldt University. Partners of the RTG are the Max-Planck-Insitute for Gravitational Physics and the Helmholtz Center DESY. IRIS Adlershof is involved with several members in the newly established RTG. These are RTG-spokesman Prof. Jan Plefka, Dr. Valentina Forini, Prof. Dirk Kreimer and Prof. Matthias Staudacher.

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