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ESRA – The New Orientation Tool of HU Has Started

Online support in choosing a course of study

Do I want to study? Which course of study suits me best? And what is it like to study at HU? Anyone who has pondered these or similar questions will now have an easier time finding answers. ESRA is the name of the new tool at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) that helps prospective students make an informed decision in selecting a course of study. The abbreviation stands for the German words ‘Entscheiden? Suchen. Reflektieren. Auswählen!’, which means ‘Decide? Search. Reflect. Select!’

On the website of ESRA, the target group can find informative texts and graphics as well as interactive course offerings. Short videos with students that report about their course choices and their fields and also clear up myths about studying at HU provide valuable insights and help dismantle unrealistic notions about studying at university and also break down impediments.

Rather than classic online self-assessment organised as a test with unambiguous results, ESRA focuses on self-reflective questions as an open-ended way of assisting prospective students who are still undecided to select a course of study. Participants are encouraged to focus intensely on their own ideas and interests, but also to research specific fields and universities. The portal does not provide answers; instead prospective students develop these themselves – in the sense of self-responsibility, which is an essential part of university life.

This new offering is closely linked to offline counselling, so that users are able to discuss their own results and open questions can be cleared up in personal consultations. The goal is to arrive at a coherent decision. In this way, ESRA contributes to a successful university experience.

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ESRA – The Academic Orientation Tool (in german)


Hedda Zechner, Project Director of Dropout/ESRA

Rumjana Slodicka, Project Staff

Counselling and Information Services
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