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Sciencely: Expedition via app at the Science Station

With the App sciencely, users can discover our geological age, immerse themselves in the (surrounding) worlds of the Anthropocene and explore scientific relationships.
Pinkfarbener Hintergrund mit schwarzer Schrift Sciencely Entdeckungsreise mit Humboldt sowie zwei Smartphones, wo die App abgebildet ist

sciencely transforms the science station, Unter den Linden in Berlin-Mitte into a space of discovery. Users can playfully explore the exhibition of the Humboldt-Universität in the subway station: They can discover with sciencely special motives of the exhibition and their meaning. If a subject interests the user, it contacts the user and they can chat with it – during their visit to the station, but also on the road and everywhere.

Via image recognition or through the user's interactive swipe gesture selection following the Tinder mechanics, an exciting, funny or even emotional chat with a motive of the user's choice begins. The chat will develop depending on the user's choice of answers and statements. At the end of the dialogue, users can create a photo of the motive and file it with other objects in their personal collection. Motives of the exhibition, architectural details, monuments and even subway signs will come to life during their discovery in Berlin-Mitte.

About the exhibition

The exhibition of the Humboldt-Universität at the science station is dedicated to the Anthropocene. As never before, humans are intervening in the Earth system. Scientists explore the consequences for nature and humans. The illustrations by Nele Brönner in the back track windows on the platform visualize the research on the interactions between humans and nature. The hidden images and word clouds address different environments of the Anthropocene: the atmosphere, sea and ice, life in the city, forest and field. In the spirit of Open Humboldt, we invite the users to: discover our geological age, dive into the (en)worlds of the Anthropocene and explore scientific connections with us. sciencely accompanies the user on their expedition.

The app was developed by Thomas Lilge and Christian Stein from the Cluster of Excellence "Matters of Activity", among others.

The app is available free of charge in the  App Store and Play Store – in German and English.