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New initiatives of the International Department

Humboldt-Universität is breaking new ground in internationalization with a new head of the International Department and the Humboldt International Campus

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In June, Dr. Yoan Vilain provisionally took over as head of the International Department. He is a French and German lawyer and has many years of experience in the development and management of international master and doctoral programs. Since 2012, he was academic director of the European Law School and since 2018 of the Graduate Center of the Faculty of Law. He researches and teaches mainly in the field of public law and comparative law. He completed his law studies in Lyon, Paris and Berlin and subsequently


obtained his doctorate at the Sorbonne.

New department head focuses on research-oriented internationalization

After eight years at Humboldt-Universität, Mr. Vilain has taken over as head of the International Department: "Due to my biography, my research topics and my previous work at this university, the topic of internationalization is very close to my heart. I am pleased that I have been able to tackle this together with the team of the department since June. The lively dialog and service-oriented cooperation with the faculties is particularly important to me, and I am sure that I will also benefit from my previous experience as a researcher in HU departments. In the first three months, we have already been able to focus on continuing the proven international programs of our department and further expanding our research-oriented internationalization.

Humboldt International Campus

One of the central projects of the International Department is currently the Humboldt International Campus (HIC). HIC unites international study and research-oriented short-term programs of Humboldt-Universität for the first time. This is intended to strengthen relations with numerous international partner universities and give a new quality to the internationalisation at HU.

The variety of content and formats for students of all disciplines from all over the world is large: academic subject courses, research internships, German courses, as well as winter and summer schools.

HIC includes online and on-site courses as well as a varied cultural program. It allows participants to experience the academic diversity of HU being part of an international community.

HIC also strengthens the internationalization of HU and allows academics to get involved internationally by offering a course or hosting an internship. Selected programs will be accessible to HU students, contributing to the internationalization at home. At the same time, HIC promotes international partnerships and establishes new collaborations so that HU students will continue to be able to study abroad in particularly requested and strategically important regions of the world.

Further Information

Overview and details of the programs on the new website of the Humboldt International Campus.

The monthly newsletter of the International Office also provides information about HU's international activities for researchers, doctoral candidates, and students.


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