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No room for discrimination and racism

HU-discussions and debates in the coming weeks

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin sees itself as a place of plurality of opinion, mutual appreciation and respect.  Racism, sexism, nationalism and other discriminating views and structures have no place here. We fundamentally reject statements and structures of this kind and work actively against them. The recent attacks by police officers on black people in the USA and the worldwide protests against racism and discrimination in recent days have also prompted the members of the Humboldt University to once again intensively address these issues.   

The declared goal of the Humboldt-Universität is to provide a safe space for teaching and research for all students, teachers and staff.

However, Humboldt-Universität itself is not free of discrimination and racism either. Like every university, it is a nucleus of society. Structural discrimination and structural racism are unfortunately still all too often found on our campuses, as they are everywhere in Berlin and Germany.  They do not stop at the academic community.

That's why we are creating space in the coming weeks for discussions about structural racism and possible countermeasures. Whether to initiate them or - where available - to intensify them. We want to take the reflections and findings beyond the boundaries of the university and thus support and enrich debates on institutional and structural racism.  

We are happy to receive recommendations and advice, for example on lecture series, workshops by student councils and institutions or working groups - but also literature recommendations to make this discussion an open one. Please send all information to