Schleiermacher Doctoral Program



The Schleiermacher-Doctoral Program is open for all individual doctoral researchers at HU Berlin, working on their theses outside structured programs and graduate schools, and also for their supervisors. Young researchers will be brought together for talks, discussions with established researchers and a younger generation of scientists on interdisciplinary questions, and offered the chance of manifold exchange about their daily concerns, aims and career planning.

On the basis of the University’s institutional strategy the Schleiermacher-Promotionsprogrammm offers networking and support for doctoral candidates and their supervisors. The idea is to build a living forum for scientific exchange, practical support, motivation and problem solving for individually working doctoral candidates at our University.

The program supports its members in several respects:

- content-related talks, events, key competence courses, inter-disciplinary exchange,

- financial support for participation in courses, workshops, conferences (but no working contract or scholarship),

- international networking (e.g. with travel grants),

- support in defining individual aims, career-oriented mentoring and coaching, orientation in career ways by guidance documents, courses and consulting,

- supervision agreement to ensure high quality standards,

- establishment of informal researcher groups und topic classes („Schleiermacher-Kollegs“) for cooperation between supervisors and doctoral candidates in inter-disciplinary projects,

- Schleiermacher seminars: during lecture period: every third Wednesday per month.