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Start-up support for research
New regulations for the start-up financing of third-party funded projects In the hopes of improving the conditions for the acquisition of third-party funding at the Hum-boldt-Universität zu Berlin, the regulations for the start-up financing of third-party financed research projects that form key research strengths have been newly devised.

The goal of these new regulations is to initiate and support the new acquisition of important research projects through substantial support from central funds, and thereby to encourage the formation of key research strengths and to increase the university’s third-party revenues. Thus when these new regulations come into effect, significantly more funding than before will be made available for the preparation of these research projects.

  • Details of the new regulations can be found ein blauer Pfeil here.
  • Guidelines for applications can be accessed ein blauer Pfeil here.


Previous regulations for the support sectors of start-up financing, junior and research prizes have been superseded with the publication of the new regulations.

The regulations of the support sectors for key research strengths/interdisciplinary centres continue to apply. The regulations for these can be found ein blauer Pfeil here .


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Support for academic events
Support for academic events of university institutions is, in the context of a financial shortfall, possible to a very limited extent.

A prerequisite for the approval for such support is that additional capital be made available for the financing of the event. In general, this is capital from support institutions or sponsors, participants’ fees and institutional capital.

In the case of an approval, central capital can typically be made available only up to the amount that the relevant institute has also supplied towards the financing of the event. Approvals generally are only given in terms of a deficiency guarantee.

To apply for capital, an informal application, a finance plan (planned expenses and revenues) as well as a confirmation from the research department of the institute’s participation should be handed in.

As an exceptional provision, a one-time sum of up to EUR 1,000 can be made available for opening events of Collaborative Research Centres and Research Training Groups. If required, an informal application enumerating planned expenses is to be handed in to the research department.

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Support for financially threatened third-party funded projects
For financially threatened third-party funded projects, there is the possibility of support from the so-called third-party funding pool. In the following situations, funding can be made availa-ble to third-party financed projects:

  • for pre-financing of already approved projects,
  • for interim financing of ongoing projects,
  • for bridge financing of applied for, or, in particular exceptional cases, for planned follow-on projects,
  • for financing of deficits in the case of unforeseen occurrences.

To apply for funding, an informal application should be handed in to the research service centre.

Grundlage: "3. Neuregelung zur Entrichtung einer Gemeinkostenpauschale bei Drittmittelprojekten und zur Einrichtung und Bewirtschaftung eines Drittmittelpools"
(vgl. ein blauer Pfeil HU-Information Nr. 17/2001 vom 24.08.2001)

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