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Tiburtius Prize of the State of Berlin

Prize of the Berlin Universities

The State Conference of Rectors and Presidents of Berlin Universities (LKRP) awards three prizes and another three honourable mention prizes for PhD theses written at a university in Berlin.

The nominees’ theses must receive the best possible mark according to the respective examination regulations and must be part of a PhD programme that was completed at a Berlin university in the calendar year before the selection of the prize winners.

Thesis prizes

Three prizes worth €4,000, €2,500 and €1,500 respectively, plus three honourable mention prizes valued at €500 each.

Application deadline:

May 15


Detailed nominations with supporting documents (three copies of the thesis, supervisor appraisals, academic transcripts and degree certificates, plus an overview of publications, lectures, etc.) should be addressed to the following office:

Geschäftsstelle für den Tiburtius-Preis
Freie Universität Berlin - Dahlem Research School
Thielallee 38
14195 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 838 - 73640

Professors at Berlin universities are eligible to submit nominations for the prize. PhD theses that have already been nominated for another prize cannot be considered.


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