Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Model Contract for Research Visits

Humboldt-Universität is in great demand as an academic host institution. It attracts scholars and researchers from all over the world who come here to exchange views and experience with their German colleagues or to jointly investigate a particular problem.

For visits involving reimbursement of expenses it is necessary to make an formal agreement on the essentials of the visit. Such an agreement may also be helpful in the case of longer visits with no reimbursement involved.

To make things easier two model contracts covering both cases have been drawn up for visiting researchers who work for themselves as self-employed persons (as opposed to persons liable for social security contributions).

Please note that the model contract has been drawn up for visiting researchers who stay at Humboldt-Universität exclusively or predominantly in their own research interest, which is why the payment can be made without turnover tax. Special regulations apply to those visiting researchers or scholars who intend to take up specific assignments at Humboldt-Universität (giving lectures, etc.). In these cases co-ordination with Reseach Service Centre is needed.

If research and development is conducted that is not unlikely to finally produce an invention, separate contracts should be concluded with the visiting researcher concerning the rights involved. In this case the Contact Point for Patenting and Licensing of Humboldt-Universität should be approached.