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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Patents - Information on the www


Deutsches Patentamt-Logo

German Patent and Trade Mark Office
The German Patent and Trade Mark Office provides information about patents, utility models, trademarks and designs on its website.

  • Addresses and contact points, as well as general information about the German Patent and Trade Mark Office
  • Information on applying for intellectual property rights and on how applications are assessed and rights are granted, including specific details on the role of intellectual property rights in technology transfer
  • Further information on property rights and on research options at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office
  • Publications, information sheets and forms

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Patent server of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research
The Federal Ministry of Education and Research provides information on the German patent system, including material on the status of inventions in Germany compared with other countries, as well as ideas for improving patent activities at German universities.

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SIGNO is a project by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy aimed at stimulating innovation in the German economy through scientific and technical information.
The goals of the project are:

  • To increase the use of patent information so that existing ideas are incorporated to a greater extent into new product development
  • To create a more invention- and innovation-friendly environment in the Federal Republic of Germany in order to strengthen innovation activities as an essential basis for safeguarding companies’ competitiveness

The SIGNO website describes the project, lists dates of major events by SIGNO partners and provides information on funding opportunities. (Please note that the website is only available in German.)


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Technologiestiftung Innovationsagentur Berlin (TSB) GmbH
TSB is the central innovation and technology advice institute for the Berlin economy. Its target group comprises small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as start-ups. The agency provides this target group with support in the form of:

  • Innovation and technology advice, as well as technology transfer
  • Funding for commercial property rights activities (SME patent campaign)
  • Patent research and database training (information service)
  • Marketing of intellectual property rights and utilisation of innovations
  • Innovation training and management
  • Inventors’ clubs, innovation workshops and forums for inventors

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Europäisches Patentamt-Logo
EEuropean Patent Office (EPO)
The website of the European Patent Office (EPO) provides comprehensive information about patents, including application procedures, research opportunities and current amendments to patent law.

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piz_Logo Information on patents
The Association of German Patent Information Centres has compiled useful information about patents, utility models, trademarks and designs on its website.

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Databases (free of charge)
Please note that research conducted in these databases is not a substitute for professional research. The information available is not exhaustive, so this service cannot be regarded as a complete and official source of information on patents. However, the databases are useful in providing answers to questions such as the following:

  • What is the competition working on?
  • Who holds a patent?
  • What innovations are there in my technological field?
DEPATISnet is an online patent information service provided by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office. It allows users to research patent publications from all over the world that are listed in the databank of the Office’s internal German patent information system, DEPATIS.
The Espacenet database set up by the EPO, the European Patent Organisation and the European Commission allows users to research over 80 million patent documents worldwide free of charge.

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