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Business Etiquette: Showcase Your Authentic Professional Self

Referierende: Valentina Brkan (she/her), Talent Outreach Specialist with KnowBe4 

How do you make a great first impression? How do you approach, communicate, and follow up with potential employers? Learn how to impress just about anyone while being your authentic self and have fun while doing it! In this interactive workshop, we will cover the key aspects of maximizing online and offline communication with employers. This includes the unwritten rules of virtual etiquette, such as how to write effective emails and post on social media, as well as how to master networking events and nail the dress code for every occasion. Join us for this comprehensive and practical session and become the best version of your professional self.

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Kurs CDI166   - entfällt -
Termin: Mittwoch, 15.03.2023
Zeit: 14:00 s.t. -15:00 Uhr
Ort: Online - Zoom