Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Foreign Languages and Studies Abroad

Sokrates Coordinators in Adlershof
The Sokrates / Erasmus Programme of the European Union is to promulgate the academic exchange among EU-countries. The number of places available varies from department to department and is dependent on the exchange agreements arranged by the co-ordinators responsible for the programme.

Mathematics and Sciences Faculty I:
Dr. Gabriele Motz
Newtonstr. 14 (room 3'04)
Tel: (030) 2093-7966

Mathematics and Sciences Faculty II:
Dr. Werner Kleinert
Rudower Chaussee 25 (room 1.426)
Tel.: (030) 2093-2343

International Department
The International Office of Humboldt-Universität offers information to German students who want to go abroad and to foreign students coming to Humboldt-Universität on an exchange programme. Furthermore, the office advises researchers on exchanges with institutions abroad.
Consultations on Wednesdays

Language Centre
The Language Centre of Humboldt-Universität offers courses for students of all faculties in the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Latin/Greek, Russian, Irish and German as a foreign language. The Centre is located in the August-Boeckh-Haus (Dorotheenstraße 65) right in the centre of Berlin.