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Humboldt Tenure Track

The tenure-track model of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin opens up attractive career prospects and ideal development potentials for outstanding young researchers heading towards lifelong professorship.

The tenure-track professorship offers you…

… independence in research and teaching

A tenure-track professorship allows you to conduct research and teaching independently already in the early stages of your academic career. For this you will receive adequate facilities.

… a reliable career prospect

The tenure-track professorship is initially limited to five or six years. Nonetheless, it contains the binding prospect of being assigned to permanent professorship in the case of a positive evaluation. The salary level of the follow-up position has already been determined at the time of the job posting.

… clear requirements and a transparent performance appraisal

Already at the time of the appointment clear achievements are defined which need to be reached in order to transition to a lifelong professorship. The tenure evaluation is carried out upon these criteria only, and includes external review.

… attractive opportunities for development

Throughout the entire tenure-track phase, tenure-track professors are provided in their academic development with additional support through mentoring and with targeted counselling services and further training provision for their career planning.

… family-friendly work conditions

Tenure-track professorships are extended through the birth or adoption of one or more children. The care leave periods are taken into consideration in the tenure evaluation.




Fotos: Matthias Heyde, Felix Schumann, Klaus Scholle