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Applications are open for the 2017 summer semester

Prospective students can now apply online now for a place at HU
Das Hauptgebäude der HU

Main building of HU.
Figure: Heike Zappe

From the 1st December, candidates can apply to study at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) for the 2017 summer semester. You can now submit your application directly online.

Our portal for prospective students (in German) has all the information you need for orientation. Which courses of study are available at HU? How do student loans and scholarships work? You can also find help with applying for a place at HU. Our student guidance service will answer all your questions - from the deadlines to registration to entry requirements.

To help candidates get started with orientation, we have compiled a list of five facts worth knowing about studying and student life at HU:

1. Old and venerable: When first founded in 1809, HU was known as the Universität zu Berlin. Berlin’s oldest university first became known by its present name, the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, in 1949, in honour of its founder, Wilhelm von Humboldt.  

2. Highly decorated: HU has proudly nurtured 29 Nobel Prize winners to date; eleven in chemistry, ten in physics, seven in medicine, and one in literature. These prize winners include Albert Einstein, Robert Koch, Max Born, Werner Heisenberg, and Erwin Schrödinger.

3. Prestigious: Not all HU graduates receive Nobel Prizes, but many have had successful careers in other areas. The long list of notable HU alumni includes, among others, songwriter Wolf Biermann, theatre director Frank Castorf, sociologists Max Weber and Georg Simmel, politicians such as Otto von Bismarck, Gregor Gysi, Theodor Heuss and Gustav Stresemann, sports superstars such as Henning Harnisch and Karin Karin Büttner-Janz - and of course many, many more.

4. Pioneers: Carl Eduard Schroeder from Berlin is right at the top of the Berliner Universität matriculation register. On the 6th October 1810, he became the first student ever at the university – and went on to study law in Berlin with matriculation number 1. It was almost 100 years before the first female student registered. On the 6th October 1908, Agnes von Zahn-Harnack matriculated at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Berliner Universität. Highly successfully, in fact: in 1929, she was one of the first women in Germany to receive a professorship.

5. One university, three campuses: the Palais des Prinzen Heinrich, located at Unter den Linden is one of the most famous buildings at Humboldt-Universität – but HU has much more to offer. The tradition-rich Campus Mitte houses academics from the humanities and the social sciences, economics and theology, Campus Nord unites the life sciences, and Campus Adlershof plays host to mathematics and the natural sciences.

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