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Frequently asked questions regarding the distribution of proceeds

  1. When do I, as a scientist receive the first monies?
    After each 31 December, the amount accumulated by then is calculated according to the new distribution scheme, and is transferred to a third-party funds account of your work group/ professorship at the beginning of the following year.
  2. What can I use these monies for?
    For any expenses that support your research directly or indirectly, such as, for example, consumables supplies, travels or staff.
  3. Why does the faculty/ the institute receive a share?
    The share given to the faculty/the institute takes account of the fact that research is indirectly supported within a faculty/institute, for example through the provision of basic equipment, covering large part of the teachings and taking on other tasks.
  4. Can I influence the way in which the faculty/ the institute uses this share?
    Not directly. Every institution is free in its decision as to how the institute/faculty -depending on composition- or the relevant panels shall use those funds.
  5. Why does the university receive a share?
    As a matter of principle, the university, in its function as employer, is the proprietor of the rights to research results that were arrived at at the university. Both the state and the Federal Government assume that the university fulfils its state-given task of transferring knowledge and technology, and relieves the federal budget by way of proceeds from exploitations.
    Providers of third-party funding, such as the BMBF (the Federal Ministry of Education and Research) and the DFG (German Research Foundation) urge the exploitation of research results, and assume that the provision of third-party funding will also lead to proceeds from the exploitation and thereby relieve the budgets of the universities.
  6. What does the university do with its share in the profits?
    The Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin channels these monies directly or indirectly into research activities, or activities that support research. In individual cases, the university's management may decided on a different use.
  7. What happens if I have several items for marketing?
    The distribution of profits is always calculated per case to be exploited, i.e. where there are three matters, all of which are less than EUR 5,000, the full amount in each case (no adding up) will be transferred at the beginning of the new year. However, the adding up does take place where there are different licence partners for one exploitation case.
  8. What is the difference between marketing by the Humboldt-University or by Humboldt-Innovation?
    The Humboldt-Innovation is specialised in taking on exploitation cases. It is owned to 100% by Humboldt-University and has know how and experience in the drafting of contracts for licensing agreements, and in finding licensees. Marketing activities by Humboldt-Innovation may incur costs, but may well be more effective. The Humboldt-University can administer exploitation cases, but does not offer any further reaching support. The distribution of proceeds applies to both marketing possibilities.