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Grade Point Average (GPA)

The grade point average (GPA) is a weighted arithmetic mean, which is often shown on the transcripts of records from abroad, and is calculated after each study period (term) and at the end of the program.

The indication of the grade point average may be necessary for further applications for a study place or a job, for example in the USA.

In return, the transcripts of the HU Berlin only show the overall grades and a final grade or an intermediate grade (if the degree has not yet been completed), whose calculation usually differs from that of a GPA. The latter is not shown separately.

In general, the processes of recognition and crediting of higher education achievements completed abroad are always the responsibility of the receiving educational institutions. In order to simplify this process for universities abroad, we are offering the grade calculator used at the HU Berlin for the conversion of grades. This software is freely accessible to all interested parties.

For students of the HU Berlin, it is possible to receive a corresponding certificate with the GPA translated into the US-American Grade Points. In this case, please contact the Examination Service.


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