Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Partners of Humboldt-Universität in Adlershof

Non-university research institutions in Adlershof

Ten non-university research institutes are based in Adlershof. These include Institutes of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres, the Wissenschaftsgemeinschaft Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz e.V. (Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Research Association), the Fraunhofer Society and a range of regional institutions, including:

Humboldt-Universität maintains close partnerships with these institutes in similar areas of interest and working groups, as well as joint research projects.

Non-university research institutes in Adlershof are affiliated in the Joint Initiative of Non-University Research Institutes in Adlershof IGAFA e.V.

WISTA-Management GmbH

WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH is the development and operating company of Science and Technology Park Adlershof. It is responsible for the leasing and sale of buildings, communication within the technology park and the marketing of Berlin Adlershof.



To develop an urban structure around the science and technology park, the Berlin city senate formalised the 420-hectare urban development zone of Berlin-Johannisthal/Adlershof in 1994. Since 2003, WISTA Plan GmbH, a subsidiary of WISTA-MG, has been responsible for the development and marketing of the vacant space as the trustee developer on behalf of the state of Berlin.


Technologiekreis Adlershof e.V.

Alongside research and teaching, around 450 scientific companies are a supporting pillar of the Adlershof concept. Around 80 companies from the high tech sector are consolidated in the Adlershof technology association.