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Translating Humboldt into the 21st Century

In its Institutional Strategy Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, whose foundation marked the origin of modern reform universities, translates the guiding principles of its foundation into the 21st century. Ideas are put forward and measures are taken to advance the further integration of teaching and research, the exchange between the scientific disciplines, the dismantling of hierarchies, the intensification of the international aspects of research and teaching, the support for young researchers, the transfer of research results into modern society and the strategic development of top-level research.

In the centre of these efforts is the “Interdisciplinary Research Institute of Life Sciences”, which Humboldt-Universität operates jointly with the Charité (the medical faculty of Berlin universities) and which is based on a broad concept of life science research. After all, it is in the life sciences – often referred to as “the guiding science of the 21st century - that cooperation at the highest level of research takes place at the interface of arts, humanities and the natural sciences. Thus, Humboldt-Universität meets the complexity of problems and challenges of life science research by establishing life sciences as an integrative scientific entity consisting of a multitude of disciplines.

Institutional Strategy (abridged version)

"Translating Humboldt into the 21st Century – Overview of the Most Significant Measures of the Long-Term Proposal"