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Assistance, Support, and Balancing Family and Academic Life

With its targeted advice services and training opportunities, and a policy to promote the reconciliation of family and academic life, the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin ensures that the framework for a successful progression and finalisation of the tenure-track phase is in place.

Tenure-track professors are assisted in their scientific development by a mentor in regular meetings. Female junior professors have in addition the possibility to attend the university-wide programme ”ProFiL. Professionalisation of Women in Research and Teaching: Mentoring – Training – Networking“.

Further training

Professors at the HU Berlin can choose from a wide range of further training opportunities that help them strengthen their competences in the areas of teaching, team leadership and management. Besides the professional development at the HU Berlin, the cross-university Berlin Centre for Higher Education (Berliner Zentrum für Hochschulforschung, BZHL) has a comprehensive range of offers. The Humboldt Graduate School provides support in the supervision of doctoral students.

Balancing family and academic life

As a certified family-friendly university, the HU Berlin allows staff to reconcile family life and an academic career. Tenure-track professorships are extended through the birth and/or adoption of one or more children. Moreover, parents profit from a family-friendly infrastructure (parent-child room, in-house childcare centre) and a family-friendly work environment (working time regulations, events for families). The Family Support Centre is the central contact point.